About Us

Welcome to Mumways - the shop.

This shop is an extension of mumways - my blog. I have taken the liberty here that you are aware of my blog. If not, please do visit. I am Suranjita, creator and founder of Mumways. As I haven't hired a content writer for my shop, I have to speak about 'me' in first person in the 'About Us' page. Although it's always nice to hear good things about yourself from others, here I am giving it a go. My father used to tell me that it's absolutely fine to be a jack of all trades! And if you want to be a master of something, get a Master degree. I have two! I am proud of the fact that I earned my second Master degree from London School of Economics while nurturing a 2 year old child. Now, we are a family of 5 (Yes, we are outnumbered!) I have worked within NHS and in the banking sector as well. In the midst of everything, one day I started Mumways. I did not just make a blog but a website watching Youtube tutorials. I had no idea that one day I would be selling my products for 'Mumways'. I think it's pretty cool! 

 There is love, warmth, inspiration and of course chaos. My love for words have taken a leap in the form of these personalised designs. They are all heart. 

I wanted a logo which would let people know that despite the chaos and madness around us, there is always something that brings peace and joy to an  individual. And for me, it's in creating things. Be it my writing, arranging flowers or my plants and now designing. 

I have collaborated with a local supplier with sustainably sourced materials for the products. Hope you like them! Please do let me know your thoughts and thank you very much for visiting and reading about the brand. 


Much love


Welcome to Mumways - the store.