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We love our aprons. Whether you are gardening, cooking or making scientific discoveries in the lab, we all need an apron. 

It's a perfect gift for someone you love. 

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You will love our book characters on products. 

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Women's T Shirt, SweatShirt, Hoodies. Heart line T Shirt, Sweatshirt, Hoodies. 

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    No buts about it! You were told not to begin your sentences with ‘But’. A life lesson is to forget any such rule! It doesn’t matter whether you are at the pinnacle of your career or starting out, there is always a time in your life when you feel stuck.

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    Do you have a vent buddy?

    A recent podcast by The minimalists stated that there are 60,000 thoughts in day and 80% of those thoughts are negative. It means that there are 48,000 negatives thoughts in a day. 48,000! That’s a big number, isn’t it? What do you do with that many negative thoughts? How do you let them out?  And what if you are in a lonely place? I know of one such place where everything looks beautiful and fulfilling but at the same time has the elements of being lonely. That place is motherhood!

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    What is the process of your thinking? Do you wait to celebrate until you reach where you want to be? Or the process? The journey is longer than the time we spend at the destination. Preparation to make a recipe is longer than the time it takes to eat it. The time it takes to climb to reach the top of a mountain is longer than the time to celebrate the feat of reaching the top. Therefore, we can infer that the satisfaction of reaching somewhere is short-lived. Hence we might as well enjoy the journey!